SPM Super Memory Booster Biology – Form 4 (KBSM)

Handwritten by straight A’s students who are taught by Mr Sai Mun. They know the gist of the subject matter and compact into colour memory cards. Super powerful and in full colour.
#1. It is the most updated
#2. Answers written by A+ students who pay careful attention in class
#3. The memory cards are complete and easy to read


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6 reviews for SPM Super Memory Booster Biology – Form 4 (KBSM)

  1. William

    If help a lot for my quick recap before exam. Remind me what I have forgotten and needed to be remember quickly.

  2. Sara Ann

    Shortcut to score in biology ! Minimum reading but maximum facts and knowledge ! This is so damn good

  3. Kar Hang

    When people always tell me there is no shortcut when studying . Always read more study constantly. Guess what? Wait till you use memory booster ! All the important facts all written in it. Score easily with it. I’m using memory booster for all my science subjects that they have . Thanks ms Soo ! For your recommendation

  4. 建维

    重来没有看过这样的书本。很好!很特别 !

  5. Lianne

    Simple and easy notes. very easy understand

  6. Yogananthan

    I find it easier to remember things with these colourful cards. so helpful

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