SPM Super Memory Booster Chemistry – Form 5 (KSSM)

Handwritten by straight A’s students who are taught by Mr Sai Mun. They know the gist of the subject matter and compact into colour memory cards. Super powerful and in full colour.
#1. It is the most updated
#2. Answers written by A+ students who pay careful attention in class
#3. The memory cards are complete and easy to read


Product Review By Parents & Students

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5 reviews for SPM Super Memory Booster Chemistry – Form 5 (KSSM)

  1. Jonathan Soo

    Spend little time but many information . Save time . Like this!!!!

  2. Yew Ling

    Chemistry equations are the toughest thing to memorise. I dont know how equations are formed but I only memorise. I had a hard time but using memory booster I can memorise easily because everything is written in summary. I’m a bad chemistry student , I just wanna pass. Thank god I have this man .

  3. Chian Ping

    this iz sooooooo awesome ! i like tiz so much . So special and so much colour . make it very interestings to studies.

  4. najwa

    finally ade benda utk tlg memorize equation2 utk chem. ikut je ape yg ade dlm ni da ckp. baik !

  5. Ameera

    methods they use here are ez to memorise. Creative and good. thanks !

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