SPM Secret to Score Physics Essay Question A+ Notes



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7 reviews for SPM Secret to Score Physics Essay Question A+ Notes

  1. Meshram

    I think I follow their way to answer my exam questions shouldn’t be a problem. This book is giving me confidence in my essays

  2. Wendy

    My review is follow what this book teach and you’ll score easily.

  3. Shernice

    I bought both form 4 and form 5 for my revision before SPM. The books are not as thick as those in the market and doesn’t have as much words but the informations provided are sufficient for us to score and understand the subject . I prefer using this notes than others because I don’t have to read as much but I still can get as much information that is needed into my head for exam. I’m looking forward to buy the memory booster as well . A+ notes are da best !

  4. yung chuen

    This has been helping me so much in doing my essay part. Can just simply memorize the answers and score lol

  5. Abryza

    Secret to score A+ Essay book did help me in my SPM. I know how to do essay properly with this simple answers and examples given in this book. so helpful

  6. Hung Lee

    i m so much better in my essay now thx to thiz book.

  7. John Keng

    love these notes!

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