SPM Capture A+ in Paper 3 Physics Booklet



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8 reviews for SPM Capture A+ in Paper 3 Physics Booklet

  1. Yong Sheng

    Not much to read but it is more than enough to help us in scoring the paper 3. Good examples shown and I did exactly what was taught in the book for exam. I did well.

  2. Louis Lim

    this is so useful. teach us how to answer the question with proper way so can score marks easily very good!

  3. Catherine

    我很喜欢这本书!回答方案很清楚的解释! 很好的书!

  4. Athirah

    Sblm ni I mmg x pandai nak buat p3. tapi buku ini bgi idea yg dan cara2 yg baik . skrg i fham cara utk menjawab. TQ

  5. Shi Cheng

    ordered the books and got it within 3 days. i like their quick and efficient servicee

  6. Neil

    Definitely the best material i had so far for paper 3 .

  7. Clement

    This paper 3 booklet has been enhancing my paper 3 skills during exam , helping me so much in scoring. Not only that , i realise paper 3 is much easier now and paper 3 is now a bonus for me because im understanding so much with this book and realise paper 3 is easy to score just by using the way of answering based on this book.

  8. 铭韩

    内容很简单。开始的时候觉得很担心, 觉得他们回答的方法有点太简单了。可是我学校老师说,这本书很好,很简单。简单的来有说到重点。所以不用担心,把这本书里面的回答方式都学起来, 考试一定拿高分!我已经介绍了我很多朋友来买。全部都很喜欢。我的paper 3 都已经没有问题了。

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