SPM A+ Notes Biology Ms E.T. – Form 5 (KBSM)



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6 reviews for SPM A+ Notes Biology Ms E.T. – Form 5 (KBSM)

  1. Keng Jun

    This book is good . Less reading but many information ! Make bio life easy as a bio student. No need read thick book and long long notes. Love it !

  2. Anthony Wong

    Hi , I’ve ordered this last week for my exam and I emailed them personally to speed up my order because due to exam. They promised me 3-5 working day as and they did it in 2 days instead. Very good service and response team they have. Complete and interesting biology notes!

  3. ms chung

    they are so responsive to emails and calls. their replying rate thru email is as fast as messaging people in whatsapp ! the books reached me in no time too . 5 star service

  4. Meechin

    i like the diagrams and those peta minda in the book. so helpful

  5. Audrey Lo

    such a helpful notes !

  6. Haiqal

    This notes is so helpful especially the diagram. this notes does not require so much reading as well.

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