SPM Super Memory Booster Biology – Form 5 (KBSM)



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5 reviews for SPM Super Memory Booster Biology – Form 5 (KBSM)

  1. Lim Jin Xiong

    I ordered this last Monday and got it on Friday. I using this for my revision because spm is near. Realise this is so good to remind me what I forgot to study or forget to memorise. Vey nice!

  2. Mdm Loo

    Bought all the boosters for my kid. She like it so much ! I guess this is good

  3. weng han

    Finally i find some different notes from normal book. it make study easier. this is best

  4. Shamim

    benda2 penting semue ade kat dlm ni. kad ni ade warna jugak. x bosan sgt utk baca.

  5. Ling Ying

    improved my biology alot with these notes. thanks !

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