SPM Super Memory Booster Accounts – Form 5 (KBSM)


All New & Updated

Handwritten by straight A’s students.  They know the gist of the subject matter and compact into colour memory cards. Super powerful and in full colour.

#1. It is the most updated
#2. Answers written by A+ students who pay careful attention in class

#3. The memory cards are complete and easy to read

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5 reviews for SPM Super Memory Booster Accounts – Form 5 (KBSM)

  1. Pei Sim

    The notes is full with colours!

  2. Sze Mun

    Anything important is stated clearly in here with colourful wordings ! love it

  3. afiq

    Colourful notes with important facts stated. life is so much easy now

  4. Kuan yen

    Never see something like that before . so i try and buy and find out this is actually very good

  5. William

    This is just like a hack for studying ! hahaha so good ! and helping so much

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