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Why Learn From Us?

1. Personalised Learning Programme
2. Coloured & Simplified Notes
3. Direct Interact with Teacher

Teacher will be teaching one student only during lesson. Students can interact directly with the teacher. Notes and videos are shared out after class according to the needs of the students. Lessons are subject to availability of the teachers.

To Book
E: [email protected]
T: 0176618180
To Book
E: [email protected]
T: 0176618180
W: MEGA Eng (EN) / MEGA Chinese (CN)


Mr Ivan Soh

1 to 1 IGCSE Personalised Private Physics Lesson

Every single day in our lives, the significance of Physics and Science is one that cannot be ignored. None of our days are passed without physics or science, anything that we have done will be closely related to them. For instance, the way we live, we eat, we walk, we stand are all about Physics and Science. All of us should have a basic amount of knowledge about physics and science so that we are able to understand why things around us happen the way they naturally do.

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The package includes:
1. Professional guidance in answering & learning techniques
2. Notes & Worksheets
3. Assessments & Topic Reviews

Mr Ivan’s lessons help you to understand and answer better in all your IGCSE Mathematics.

Topics to cover:

  • Motion
  • Momentum
  • Moment
  • Energy
  • Fleming’s Left Hand Rule
  • Transformer
  • Radioactivity

And more

Teachers can explain complex concepts using the interactive whiteboard. They use the most advanced tools & technology to teach which is equal if not better than classroom teaching.  Visuals, past year questions and interactive exercises are used to make lessons something your child will look forward to.

Example Lessons:


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