Cambridge Year 7 Mathematics Workbook 2 (Version 3.0)

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IGCSE Mathematics Workbook 2 is suitable for students to do practice and complements the school textbook.

This workbook contains :

  • Chapter 13 : Expression and Properties
  • Chapter 14 : Linear Equation 
  • Chapter 15 : Two-variable Equation
  • Chapter 16 : Two Dimensional Figures
  • Chapter 17 : Symmetry and Transformation
  • Chapter 18 : Construction
  • Chapter 19 : Three Dimensional Figures
  • Chapter 20 : Geometric Measurement
  • Chapter 21 : Data and Graph 

Answers are provided with the workbook.


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7 reviews for Cambridge Year 7 Mathematics Workbook 2 (Version 3.0)

  1. Noh

    Buku – buku di Buukbook merupakan buku yang berkualiti dan sangat mudah untuk difahami.

  2. Aminah

    Buukbook memang layak diiktiraf kedai buku no. 1 di Malaysia!!!

  3. Ken Leong

    This really helped my son with his studies. Incredibly detailed and effective. Highly recommend this to whoever wants to score great results. Cheers!

  4. Lim Mei Ling

    This workbook is really perfect for my children to prepare for their exams. They feel confident after completing workbook 1 and workbook 2. Great workbook!!!

  5. Sarah

    A workbook that is balance with easy to hard questions in every topic that gives me a better hang of the topic than ever before. The topics follow the school syllabus and makes it easier for me to do revision.

  6. Linda

    this site’s notes are really good i gotta admit. bought a few including this and they were really useful and i would recommend this to others

  7. Mok

    really good arrangement for the topics, my little can understand more as practice makes perfect. luckily i got both books 1 and 2

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