Cambridge Year 7 Mathematics Workbook 1 (Version 3.0)

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IGCSE Mathematics workbook for practice

This workbook 1 contains :

  • Chapter 1 : Whole Numbers
  • Chapter 2: Squares, Square Roots and Exponents
  • Chapter 3 : Factor and Multiples
  • Chapter 4 : Decimals
  • Chapter 5 : Fractions
  • Chapter 6 : Integers
  • Chapter 7 : Mixed Operations
  • Chapter 8 : Rational Number
  • Chapter 9 : Ratio, Rate, and Proportions
  • Chapter 10 : Percent
  • Chapter 11 : Unit of Measurements
  • Chapter 12 : Coordinate Plane

Year 7 book 1 with answers.


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5 reviews for Cambridge Year 7 Mathematics Workbook 1 (Version 3.0)

  1. Claryse

    A great Checkpoint Workbook that is completed with every topic that I learn in school. It has tons of exercises with answers that make studying so much easier. I recommend this workbook for anyone in Year 7.

  2. Kai Zhi

    This didn’t just only help me survive my exams, it helped me aced them! This is as good as it gets!

  3. Nik

    Saya bertuah kerana menjumpai Buukbook ini, Terima kasih.

  4. Simon

    affortable and useful. thanks !

  5. LeeMei

    finally found one maths exercise which suitable for my little girl, great exercise to help my girl to understand how to math 😀
    would suggest you guys to get the book 2 as well as they are very useful for working from home parent like me

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