IGCSE Physics A* Handwritten Notes



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6 reviews for IGCSE Physics A* Handwritten Notes

  1. Emir Anura

    It feels like my own notes . Most importantly , things that we need to know is all in there.

  2. Xi Cheng

    Handwritten but informative. is like i writting my own notes like that

  3. Emir

    This notes is so good. Especially it is handwritten , giving me a different feeling when studying.

  4. Elise

    I see this is the first bookstore that sells handwritten notes. it is handwritten but however the quality is good !

  5. Pang chen yee

    i love how its handwritten and not printed. i find this easier to read and understand. great work ! thanks too 😀

  6. Luqmanul

    It’s really helpful for me to understand about more in the Physics. Very Useful

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