Business Studies Handwritten Limited Edition Notes

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Business Studies Handwritten Limited Edition Notes ( 24 pages )

Part 1: 15 pages full colour

 – Business Activity

 – Classification of Business

 – Enterprise, business growth and size

 – Types of Business Organization

 – Business Objectives and Stakeholder Objectives

 – Motivating Workers

 – Organization and Management

 – Recruitment, Selection and Training of Workers

 – Internal and External Communication

 – Marketing, Competition and The Customers

 – Market Research

 – The Marketing Mix: Product

 – The Marketing Mix: Price

 – The Marketing Mix: Promotion and Technology in Marketing

 – The Marketing Mix: Place

 – Markting Strategy

 – Production of goods and services

 – Costs, Scale of Production and break-even analysis

 – Achieving quality production

 – Location descisions

 – Business finance: Needs and Sources

 – Cash Flow Forecasting and Working Capital

 – Income Statement

 – Balance Sheets

 – Analysis of accounts

– Government Economic Objectives and Policies

 – Environmental and Ethical Issues

 – Business and the International Economy

Part 2: 9 pages b&w Business Studies terms and definition list


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