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Why Learn From Us?

1. Personalised Learning Programme
2. Coloured & Simplified Notes
3. Direct Interact with Teacher

Lessons are subject to availability of the teachers.

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Mr James

1 to 1 IGCSE & A Level Personalised Private Business Studies Lesson

Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Every day in our lives, we keep on learning and acquiring new knowledge. The ultimate purpose of life is to never stop learning. Education is the part of the learning processes.

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The package includes:
1. Professional guidance in answering & learning techniques
2. Notes & Worksheets
3. Assessments & Topic Reviews

Mr James’ lessons help you to understand and answer better in all your A level / IGCSE Business Studies.

Topics to cover:

  • Marketing, competition and the customer
  • Market research
  • Marketing mix
  • Marketing strategy
  • Production of goods and services
  • Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis
  • Achieving quality production
  • Location decisions
  • Business finance: needs and sources
  • Cash-flow forecasting and working capital
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Analysis of accounts

And more

Teachers can explain complex concepts using the interactive whiteboard. They use the most advanced tools & technology to teach which is equal if not better than classroom teaching.  Visuals, past year questions and interactive exercises are used to make lessons something your child will look forward to.

Example Lessons:


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