IGCSE Physics Memory Booster


Super Memory Booster Physics IGCSE by Mr Ivan.

These powerful cards are packed with
-special diagrams
-formulae, definitions
-complete with full colour to;
-cut short memorising time.
-Suitable for Year 10 and Year 11;
-students going for IGCSE examinations.


You can also attend Mr Ivan Soh’s Physics Class. Suitable for students who are preparing for school final exams as well as IG Cambridge examinations. You will receive Special Notes, learn exam techniques such as FBI & BuYaoBuYao and also latest 101 Exam Hacks.

Attend his Online Lessons At

Weight 1 kg

8 reviews for IGCSE Physics Memory Booster

  1. Lim Li Kai

    These colourful memory cards are helping a lot . the colourful wording helps in memorizing and unlike other books always printed black and white. something different that you can find in the market and also helpful. Value the money

  2. Wei Khang

    Made my life so much easier when memorising things. used all the memory booster for all my sciene subject. best creation ever !

  3. Kwan Jing

    This notes is sibeh good lo. I dont know how to say but is just very good.

  4. Bernice

    These memory cards are something magnificent. The author just had some brilliant idea. it is so helpful !

  5. Weng Yew

    Printed in colors on some good quality cards. it really helps me in remembering things and doing my revision.

  6. Nizam Ahmad

    This is helping me so much for my physics revision. Reminding me things that is needed to be remembered

  7. KC

    These small little mini cards is so helpful !

  8. Johnson

    I love this memory booster so much, easy to carry and very useful. And the delivery service was awesome too!

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