IGCSE A* Chemistry Workbook Package

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IGCSE Chemistry workbook for effective practice and well-prepared for examinations

Year 10 & Year 11 with answers.


This IGCSE A* Chemistry Workbook Package consists of:

  • IGCSE Chemistry Workbook Year 10
  • IGCSE Chemistry Workbook Year 11
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13 reviews for IGCSE A* Chemistry Workbook Package

  1. Mdm Leong

    作业的问题很好,可以帮助孩子准备应付考试!keep it up buukbook!

  2. jiahui


  3. Anne Chua

    really felt like i was sitting for an exam when i was doing this workbook, because the questions are mostly exam style. please make more workbooks like this for biology and physics

  4. Sharon

    Just got the books yesterday and they’re so helpful! Either as a recap after each chapter or as a practice for exam style questions!

  5. Gary

    the questions are so helpful for my chemistry revision! pls make more for the other subjects too i need them before my exams

  6. Janice

    A huge fan of the chapter by chapter questions instead of having them all mixed up. Much better than the ones you get in bookstores and for a fraction of price too

  7. mdm chung

    Hi there , i have surveyed everywhere in town and found that this is the most valuable workbook to buy. The ones found in book shop are so pricy and also little exercise given. I’m recommending everyone to buy this for your children. it is really good and worth the money. buying this bundle is totally worthy !

  8. Mr Chan

    After going through the books, the questions are exam oriented and the answers are very complete as well. Will definitely recommend this to my friends who have kids sitting for the papers next year.

  9. Abid

    the ques r helpful for my exam preparation, especially the drawing questions. good job!

  10. paiyee

    This workbooks is so good. A lot of practice inside and is not so pricy like the ones in bookstore. hopefully more subjects available for A+ workbook. looking forward to buy more

  11. Garron Chew

    A good workbook that helped me with revision on this subject. Would recommend it to others.

  12. Camelia

    Awesome workbook. Would recommend to buy, its worth the price

  13. Sammy

    What a great platform for students to find their workbooks. Reasonably priced and really ease my mind when my children ask me where to buy their workbooks.

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